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cameraphoneart's Journal

Cell Phone Camera Art!
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This is a community for those of us who have become obsessed with their camera phones.

Sure, they take crappy little low-res digital photos, but in the right light and under the right circumstances, that can work in your favor to create art.

Community Rules:

1. Non-work-safe pictures are highly discouraged. If you must post a photo that's not work-safe, please do it behind a cut and give plenty of warning about what's behind the cut.

2. If you're posting more than one photo, please hide the rest behind a cut tag so as not to eat up bandwidth.

3. Don't steal other people's photos. (watermarking your photos once you get them off your phone is highly encouraged.)

4. Be nice to each other. We're not aspiring Ansel Adams types here, and this is not American Photographer Idol. It's crappy camera phone pictures elevated to art. It's very tongue in cheek. It should stay that way.

Questions? Comment on a post or contact your friendly moderator, blergeatkitty.